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When she meets a certain blue-eyed drifter named Jack Lincoln, she starts to have second thoughts. What will she choose in the end — true love, or her obligations to her family? Author: Christi Caldwell. Lady Emmaline Fitzhugh is tired of waiting for her beloved to stop his liaisons with other women. Lord Drake is tired of these meaningless relationships, but wishes to feel nothing instead. When Lady Emmaline decides to pull away from him, Lord Drake suddenly finds her irresistible, which complicates things for both of them.

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A sordid mixture of the love-hate relationship that will have you guessing to the end. So why is it that by the time the earl is healthy again, they both want to be with one another? Author: Marion Chesney. Lady Margery is bored with Charles, the Marquess of Edgecombe and the only man who ever dances with her at the ball.

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She intends to marry someone wealthy so the home can be saved, but Charles intervenes and wreaks havoc on her plans. Which of their goals will succeed? Author: Johanna Lindsey. Alas, her abductor is the man whose marriage proposal she spurned earlier, but will he win her over in the end? A novel with lots of twists and turns, it will have you rooting for these two, but wondering if they will ever get together in the end. Author: Elizabeth Michels. Lady Roselyn Grey is all debuted and ready to marry the man of her dreams, but when he dies mysteriously and his brother inherits the crown, her life is thrown into turmoil.

While he tries to figure out how his brother died, he becomes more and more intrigued by the woman he loved, but for the moment, Lady Roselyn is not about to reciprocate that love. Author: Victoria Alexander. When Marcus and Gwen, two intelligent, strong willed, but anti-marriage people start to develop an attraction to one another, they both want to run in the other direction. In the most old fashioned and romantic of ways, they slowly start to form the bonds that just may keep them together to the end. Author: K. After spending years being used for her innocence, Ara Detton just wanted death to come, but the man who saved her and knows all of her secrets, the Earl of Newdale Caine Farlington, is finding her too irresistible to forget.

Will the two ever end up together?

Edgar Allen Poe's Dark Tale of Descent Into Madness

Author: Penelope Redmont. Author: Elisa Braden. Author: Mary Jo Putney.


Juliet Cameron has it all, including a handsome husband, but when the constraints of Victorian times makes her feel stifled, she flees to another country. Later, her husband, Lord Ross Carlisle, finds himself in the same country and they end up on a mission together, but this time, it is Juliet who feels like love has come calling for the second time. Author: Mollie Hardwick. Author: Madeline Hunter. The careful Earl Ewan McLean is determined to stay single and enjoy his erotic art interests, until he meets the charming Bride Cameron, to whom he is immediately smitten, despite the fact that she is solely responsible for taking care of her three younger siblings.

What is it about her that makes him want to take care of her? Author: Patricia Rice. Lady Lucinda Malcolm Pembroke has a gift for painting, and when she paints a mysterious figure from her imagination of a man she draws as a murderer, she later comes to find out the painting looks just like Sir Trevelyan Rochester. Because of the backlash, Lady Lucinda runs away and dons a disguise, only to find out that she is closer than she wants to be to Sir Trevelyan. Author: Joan Smith. This brings them together and into a darker part of London than either of them knew existed, and along the way they find love.

Author: Candace Camp.

After Jack Kensington wins a house in a card game, he arrives at the home to find that one of the heirs is the beautiful Isobel Rose, the daughter of the original owner. While Isobel is desperate to win back the family home, she pledges to marry Mr. Kensington and accept a loveless marriage, but in the end, it is anything but that. Author: Barbara Bell. Soon, however, it is Eden and Bel that are fighting an attraction towards one another, which means their efforts to keep the younger couple apart might have to take a backseat to their own desires.

Author: Julia London. Set in the Beautiful Scottish Highlands, this is the story of a handsome laird who holds the beautiful Daria Babcock for ransom. Author: Ann Lethbridge. Sylvia Boisette has a compromised reputation, and when her guardian dies, Christopher Evernden becomes the heir to the estate, making Sylvia his courtesan.

Author: Meredith Duran. Soon, however, the Viscount finds himself oddly attracted to her, and sets out to ruin her reputation in the naughtiest way. American Rosalind Carberry is engaged to Lord Philip Southvale, who seems to still have feelings for his first beautiful wife. When they travel from America to England to get married, it is only then that she realizes the extent of his obsession with the first Lady Southvale, and she is thrust in the midst of chaos and desperation to hold onto her man.

Elizabeth French is beautiful and recently widowed, and when she meets a handsome lord who is the opposite of her first husband, she decides to give love a second try … that is, until she meets a gorgeous man named Marcus Sheridan, who reminds her of her first husband in almost every way. She then has an important decision to make, and it is tearing her apart. Author: Sarah Mallory.

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Mary Endacott has a brief relationship with Lord Randall, until war breaks out and he is determined to go fight. She is independent and against war, he is completely devoted to his military career, so will she still be there when he comes back home? Mina Masters is beautiful and loves her freedom, so to save herself from an unwanted marriage she becomes involved with another man she has no interest in.

Phin Granville is a British spy who has no interest in getting serious with anyone, until Mina saves his life, which changes everything. Author: Barbara Hazard. When the two met, sparks appear, but which one of them will win in the end? Author: Susan Ward. Lady Meredith Ann Merrick is being raised in a time when women are expected to marry, but she wants none of it.

Varian Morgan is so handsome that no woman can resist him. When they meet on a ship, they each have a goal in mind for the other one, but only one will win out at the end. Author: Carole Mortimer. Lucian St. When he meets Grace Hetherington, he is immediately attracted to her, even though he feels she is not the right type of wife for him.

Author: Grace Burrowes. The viscount Reston, Nicholas Haddonfield, has had a wild and exciting life, but is feeling pressure to marry, and the beautiful Leah Lindsey just happens to be available. However, both of these individuals are hiding from past secrets and trying to escape unpleasant situations, which means the relationship is bound to have complications.

Can they make it work? Author: Kieran Kramer. The two are falling for one another against all odds, so will they ever be together? Author: Annie Burrows. When Lady Sarah Latymor nurses the battle wounds of Major Tom Bartlett, he decides he wants her hand in marriage, but his stubbornness sends her away instead. However, Lady Sarah is bound and determined to get back into his heart and his life, regardless of what it costs her. Author: Jennifer Ashley. This intriguing story involves an exotic princess, a little magic, a Scottish warrior, and a lot of spiciness that contribute to this interesting story, and they all make for a completely captivating and unique storyline.

Ross Durden is a farmer by day and a highwayman by night. He hates injustice, and when he meets the beautiful actress Charity Weston, the two are drawn into an intriguing situation that neither of them are prepared for. Author: Jessica Benson. Just what is Gwen going to do? She went into the chapel intending to marry one man, but came out being married to his twin brother, Harry.

Now, her life is filled with questions. Why did this happen? Why is he masquerading around town as his brother? And most importantly, why is Harry trying to seduce her?

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  8. Author: Emily Greenwood. Lily Teagarden had her heart broken by Hal, the viscount Roxham, and now the strange happenings on his property force her to come face-to-face with him once again.