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What Does the Bible Say About Being A Light?

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Filed under Quotes , Relationships. Then read these quotes. Maxwell 4. Monson Stanfill Moody Haskins Tell me: Which of these quotes is your favorite?

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What we care about more than anything else is Jesus Christ! We are a group of ordinary people, who have each had a real encounter with Him.

We know that no-one is perfect, or ever will be, but we have discovered that as we walk in relationship with and obedience to Him, we are changing from the inside out and are actually becoming more like Him. We want as many people as possible to experience the same love, hope, freedom and purpose that we have found in Him.

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In the early nineties, a group of people meeting together in local homes encountered the reality of Jesus and the fullness of the Holy Spirit in a new way. It was from this small group that our church was birthed in , with Pieter and Linda Swart as its pastors. However, in we were able to purchase our own land, and the foundations of our present building were laid.

Although in some respects it is still a work in progress, we enjoy gathering in our own premises under the leadership of Tim Watson and a team of dedicated elders.

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  8. Has sin dulled the evidence of Christ in you? Ask God for His forgiveness and help in changing your heart. How exactly do you become this brilliant beacon to people around you? Here are 4 practical tips:. Your gift helps equip the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association with the resources to fulfill our mission of reaching the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Demonstrating Radical Compassion.

    Keeping the Faith in College: Advice for Students. Are You Lonely This Christmas? Give Menu.

    Light Shines in the Darkness

    Give Online Your gift helps share the Gospel. How to Shine Your Light for Christ. Share Tweet. It means: Being counter-cultural.

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    We live in a dark world, full of lies, hate and confusion. Putting yourself out there. He explained that no one lights a lamp just to hide it under a basket. Are you the shy type?