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According to the U. Lab-grown meat also has potential to be a plus for the environment. Collectively, worldwide, we consume million tons of meat each year—a figure expected to double over the next decades.

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Various calculations suggest that lab-grown meat could reduce the need for land and water by 90 percent and overall energy use by 70 percent. So—deprived of real meat—what about nutrition? Can cultured meat be a viable substitute for—say—a haunch of braised mammoth? Not everybody likes the thought of test-tube meat.

Chapter Sixteen: Rest for the Wicked (30/34)

Some people simply find the whole idea icky. Others argue that—rather than waste time and energy on developing lab-grown meat—it makes more sense to drop meat-based diets altogether, in favor of more sustainable and environmentally friendly vegetarian and vegan meals. One source calculates that—while it takes three acres of land to feed a single human meat-eater—a vegan can get by just fine on a mere sixth of an acre.

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Meat, Shmeat. By Rebecca Rupp.

Chapter Eighteen: Childhood’s End (50/61)

By which time, hopefully, the price will have come down. Bland, Alastair.

Is the Livestock Industry Destroying the Planet? The hypnotic beats filled my room and forced myself to not think further about Marshall.

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Listen while you read. The Oscars were a few hours ago and the notifications were still coming in. He was being tagged and mentioned in every picture of her.

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The latest video caught his attention. Raegan is regal in this golden dress made for a goddess.

Marshall scrolls though the pictures and all the blood in his body travelled to his dick. Marshall gazed at Max who sat across from him on the balcony of their hotel. Marshall placed a hand in his sweatpants pocket pressing down on his hard-on.